Blue Spruce Counseling in Fort Collins, CO

Couples therapy with Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D.

"As a couple who spent 25 years together, we've had LOTS of experience with couples therapy. Working with you two was by far the most nurturing and insightful counseling experience either of us has had."
- military couple

At Blue Spruce Counseling we work with people who are searching for the highest quality counseling. Our clients are committed to making significant changes to their lives and want to recover from past hurts and negative patterns - not by covering them up with a bandage - but by spending the time and energy to make deep, lasting changes.

Pam established our counseling center in 1977 and Judy joined the practice in 1982. We help people who are struggling with relationships, intimacy, sexual issues, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and codependency. We also coach people about all aspects of their personal and work lives. Whether you’re looking for psychotherapy, counseling, therapy or life coaching in Fort Collins, we’re happy to talk with you.

Our practice is dedicated to helping people make better choices, learn to think and act in new ways and become the people they want to be. We do this in a safe environment, without judgment. We have many tools to help you, including advanced skills with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We provide absolute confidentiality. Not only do we not discuss your therapy with anyone, we do not tell anyone you contacted us. It’s fine for you to tell others about your therapy - but we never will.

Hours of Operation

We schedule sessions from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We occasionally see people in the evenings but not on weekends.


We are conveniently located in Fort Collins, Colorado near CSU and The Lincoln Center with easily accessible off-street parking.

Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D.

Individual therapy with Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D.

"I so appreciate your support, care and skilled knowledge. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for being a role model to me and many others. "
- school counselor

For as long as I can remember, my life dream has been to help people. If you are committed to your own healing and personal growth, I’d love to work with you. I have been called a therapist who is “smart, with a heart.” I use both my intellectual and academic knowledge, along with my intuition and compassion to help you make the changes you want.

I have been working with high-level professionals, as well as other individuals and couples, for over 30 years. My clients have found my treatments to be highly effective. My many years as a psychotherapist and university professor have taught me to listen deeply to what lies beneath your words, so I can help you zero in to the issues and themes that run your life. I also provide nonjudgmental acceptance of where you are today and goal-oriented support of where you want to be. Together, we explore what really matters in your life and do what it takes to bring about positive change.


  • 30+ years in private practice
  • Ph.D. University of Denver
  • 10 years university professor
  • Certified Professional Personal Coach
  • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Diplomate American Board of Sexology
  • Author of DYING: Finding Comfort and Guidance in a Story of a Peaceful Passing

Pamela A. Gaynor, Ph.D.

My mission is to help people change in healthy and important ways. Deep immediate empathy with your issues is my first priority. With this understanding, we turn to solutions for current and long standing concerns. When you work with me, your point of view determines the direction and outcome of therapy, as I draw on my many therapeutic resources to help you achieve your goals. Together, we identify the “script” you are living out so you can change it to have a more satisfying life.

I’ve held faculty and clinical positions at University of Illinois College of Medicine, Colorado State University, and Grand Valley State College in Michigan. I have been in clinical practice for over 30 years, helping a wide range of clients achieve their goals, becoming healthier, less troubled, and better able to cope effectively with the many demands of their lives.


  • 30+ years in private practice
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Chicago
  • 10 years university professor
  • Expert witness, State of Colorado
Pamela A. Gaynor, Ph.D.

"You gave me so much more thoughtful consideration and care than I've had in the past and you never let me down. Every part of my life is better because you helped me change my bad patterns. Thank you for helping me learn to make myself happy."
- university librarian