Counseling in Fort Collins, CO

Relationship counseling in Fort Collins, CO

"Dr. Underwood helped me change my path to one that is bound to succeed. She helped me to realize that I am a strong person and I have what it takes to be happy in this world. She helped me by being patient and persistent as I found my way. These words are only a fraction of the gratitude for the work she did with me, my life has transformed!"
- R&D engineer

Counseling in Fort Collins, CO

Over the past 40 years, Blue Spruce Counseling has helped hundreds of people in the Fort Collins, CO, area improve their relationships, overcome sexual problems, manage stress, process grief, and learn to work with anxiety and depression.

We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality counseling possible. We respond to clients quickly, provide highly individualized care, and use our extensive knowledge to help our clients look at their lives in new ways.

Our Services

Every person has a unique story, but Blue Spruce Counseling's work with hundreds of clients over decades has exposed us to just about every type of situation. You can be sure we'll listen and respond with compassion while keeping all the information confidential.

Many people struggle with problems in their relationships, whether those relationships are with sexual partners, colleagues, parents, children, or friends. We provide counseling for all sorts of relationships, including those involving alternative lifestyles. Whether you struggle with codependency, want to be a better parent, or are trying to rebuild your marriage after infidelity, we can help you.

Blue Spruce Counseling also provides both short-term and long-term help for trauma and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. We provide life coaching and help people better manage stress, process grief, and move forward in their lives.

Our Approach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Counseling with Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D.

"I find it difficult to write about Dr. Judy Underwood without gushing. She is so skillful that you don't notice how really good she is. She has made an enormous positive difference in my life."
- high-tech employee

Part of successful counseling is a solid professional relationship between counselor and client. Blue Spruce Counseling appeals to people who are committed to making significant changes in their lives and are highly motivated to do so.

We provide each of our clients with a lot of personal attention, and our focus is on premium care rather than working with as many clients as possible. We have numerous tools to help you improve your life, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). If you are interested in creating new, positive patterns in your life, then Blue Spruce Counseling may be a good fit for you.

To find out more or make an appointment, call us at 970.221.0581. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to talking with you.