Counseling in Fort Collins, CO

Relationship counseling in Fort Collins, CO

"Dr. Underwood helped me change my path to one that is bound to succeed. She helped me to realize that I am a strong person and I have what it takes to be happy in this world. She helped me by being patient and persistent as I found my way. These words are only a fraction of the gratitude for the work she did with me, my life has transformed!"
- R&D engineer

Relationships, Sexual Problems and Codependency

You may have relationships with lovers, spouses, children, parents, friends, and colleagues. Getting along more effectively with others can enhance your life... read more

Stress and Anxiety

Stress can affect your body, as well as your emotions. We teach you effective stress management techniques... read more

Depression and Grief

When feelings of intense sadness, helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness persist for many days or weeks, it may become difficult to function... read more

Affirming Alternative Lifestyles

We believe that non-traditional relationships (e.g., same-sex, transgendered, polyamorous, living together) are just as valid as traditional heterosexual marriage... read more

Our Counseling Approach

Individual counseling with Judy

"I find it difficult to write about Dr. Judy Underwood without gushing. She is so skillful that you don't notice how really good she is. She has made an enormous positive difference in my life."
- high-tech employee

Today's world is chaotic, frantic, fast-paced and often overwhelming. Our world with our clients is not. We are committed to being there for you in a way that most have never experienced in their lives. Many have commented on how unusual it is for therapists to respond to inquiries so quickly. We provide a place where you are truly listened to and where your concerns are paramount. We take the time needed and select from a multitude of approaches to provide the help that is best for you. We use a combination of psychotherapy, counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy and life coaching to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need help with relationships, sexual issues, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, codependency or something else, we are here for you. We go way beyond "the call of duty."

We are not for everyone. Our goal is to continue to attract those people who are searching for the highest quality counseling—and who are committed to making their lives and their families' lives better. We want to provide therapy to people interested in making significant changes and people who want to recover from past hurts and negative patterns by spending the time and energy to make deep, lasting changes.

Whether you need short-term crisis counseling to get through a specific period or longer-term therapy to heal from emotional trauma or deal with troublesome life patterns, we are here to help.